Kay van Bellenalle teamleden

My name is Kay van Bellen and I’m excited to be your mentor. I myself am a British artist and illustrator. I have collaborated with global brands such as Converse, Virgin, Target and Universal works.

My artwork is exhibited nationally and internationally and I have recently shown my work in Amsterdam and London. 

My multi-displinary approach has enabled me to nourish and inspire individuals at Undergraduate and Postgraduate level. 

Since my move to the Netherlands I have taught Illustration at Willem de Kooning Academie. I now currently lecture in Graphics, Branding and Illustration at Amsterdam Fashion Institute.  I am the founder of Print Club extra curricula courses for 14-18 years at Grafisch Atelier, Hilversum.

As your mentor I can offer you over twenty years knowledge and experience within the field of art, Illustration, branding and fashion and textiles.

I look forward to getting to know you, your inspirations, what excites you and where your interests lie!